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Accounting Consultation and Services in Houston

Our wide-ranging technical accounting services are tailored to the unique challenges of our clients. By leveraging our services in accounting law, technical accounting, debt versus equity analysis, and cash flow management, your business can ensure compliance, make informed financial decisions, optimize capital structure, and effectively manage cash flow for sustained growth.

Technical Accounting & Accounting Law

Our Houston firm specializes in technical accounting (accounting law), ensuring that your organization remains in compliance with the latest accounting regulations and standards. We provide tailored guidance on technical accounting matters, helping you make informed decisions and address intricate financial statements and footnote disclosures with confidence.

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Reports & Documentation

Our consultants have documented accounting conclusions for a variety of complex transactions across various industries. These services address existing accounting issues and decrease audit comments, financial statements, and internal control deficiencies and material weaknesses.

The team codifies the facts and circumstances of the transaction, applicable guidance, and conclusions using a memorandum format. Accounting memos are created and reviewed internally to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the conclusions and supporting guidance before delivery to the client. We then incorporate comments from the client and our clients’ auditors, when requested, prior to resubmission to the client.


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Debt versus Equity Analysis

With our in-depth knowledge of accounting for debt versus equity, H4D Consulting can assist you during your capital raise by:

  • Reviewing your documents
  • Providing guidance on language changes to ensure the instrument is accounted for using your company’s desired method of debt or equity
  • Concluding that the desired accounting treatment is not possible.

Additionally, certain instruments may have embedded derivatives that require the instrument to be marked to fair value every reporting period. If the company does not have a valuation specialist on staff, it would need to hire or repeatedly consult with a specialist for the sole purpose of fair valuing the instrument for external reporting purposes. H4D Consulting can help you to avoid this pitfall.

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Cash Flow Management

Our cash flow management services enable you to effectively monitor and control your company’s cash inflows and outflows, enhancing liquidity and facilitating better financial decision-making. Through our services, we assist in developing robust cash flow forecasting models, enabling you to anticipate and plan for future cash needs.

Contact our team of consultants for more information about our technical accounting services and how we can help your company.

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Common Technical Accounting Challenges

We understand that the operations of your company require the resources and expertise to ensure your complex transitions are accurately recognized and disclosed in a timely manner. Recognizing our clients’ biggest technical accounting challenges is a crucial part of shaping our solutions.

Your company may be searching for an experienced team with the technical skill to document complex transactions or navigate through inaccurate conclusions thoroughly. We are experienced at providing accurate and detailed accounting conclusions, thereby reducing accounting errors, the potential for control deficiencies, and, ultimately, audit costs.

Consult a technical accounting professional who is equipped with the experience to address your company’s unique challenges today.

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Our Strategy

The H4D Consulting team concentrates its efforts on the unique demands of your business’s technical accounting needs. We provide decades of comprehensive experience interpreting accounting pronouncements from all the major regulatory bodies in the United States, including the EITF, FASB, SEC, and more.

  • Debt issuance
  • Equity issuance
  • Warrants issuance
  • Preferred shares issuance
  • ASC 842 leases
  • ASC 606 revenue
  • ASC 805 business combinations
  • ASC 810 consolidations
  • ASC 815 derivatives
  • ASC 820 fair value
  • ASC 410 Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO)
  • ASC 450 contingencies
  • ASC 460 guarantees

Why Work with a Consultant?

With your technical accounting needs in mind, your company demands the help of a technical accounting consultant who can develop optimized accounting practices and provide experience with your company’s accounting systems. 

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Highly Experienced Team of Professionals

In the evolving world of accounting and finance, a technical accounting consultant is a key part of assisting your company with financial reporting requirements and relevant federal laws. A consultant possesses specialized knowledge and expertise in accounting principles, regulations, and standards. By working with a consultant, you can ensure that your financial reporting and accounting practices comply with relevant standards and regulations.

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Navigate Through Complex Issues

If your business faces complex accounting issues or transactions, a technical accounting consultant can provide guidance and help you navigate through these complexities. They can analyze the situation, provide interpretations of accounting standards, and recommend appropriate accounting treatments.

These consulting services are crucial parts of achieving better control of your business. To work with a consultant who can provide your business with the expertise and experience you need, contact a member of the H4D Consulting team today.

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What Our Team Offers

Every member of H4D Consulting is certified in Lean Six Sigma, a nationally recognized project management certification, and provides specialized knowledge in acquisitions, divestitures, bankruptcy, and project management. With decades of combined experience, H4D Consulting’s M&A advisors provide expert knowledge on consolidating companies and their major business assets.

Our founder, Brian Hungerford, is a certified public accountant with over twenty years of experience, specializing in derivatives and technical accounting as an auditor before laying the foundations for what H4D Consulting is today.

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Strategically partnering with certain firms provides a greater suite of consulting services for our clients while still specializing in the areas where we can make the most impact. We partner with the following firms:

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